Storm & Ella | Bismarck, ND | Family Photography

My beautiful cousins Storm & Ella are in town visiting from Hawaii. These two little girls have grown into some gorgeous young women over the years.

Ella is pursuing her passion for dance this summer attending classes here in Bismarck. She is extremely bright and holds high marks in school back home. Storm recently graduated from high school and is planning on attending college here on the mainland. Her school of choice is located near a ski resort and she is excited to make the transition from beach life to ski life! I think she's a little crazy, but thats probably because I've never lived in paradise, maybe it gets old? 

From babysitting these two wild girls to now hanging out and having adult conversations and shopping days, it's crazy how fast time goes. I hope our daughter is as intelligent, well mannered, and adorable as they are! Love you Storm & Ella!