Traveling Internationally with an Infant

This was our third trip but our first International Flight. We have a good routine established.


When we travel we check basically everything! The less I have to deal with getting on and off the plane the better. This includes her stroller and car seat. We purchased a car seat bag from here and have had zero issues with the airline checking it. My first trip I pushed her stroller, this didn’t go over well. It takes a lot of work to pack up the stroller bag between connections, so I no longer do this. Instead I use her baby bjorn. Free hands, less to carry and much easier to get on and off between connections. I typically travel alone, just baby and I, so less is more!!!!!


We always start with her being wild, crawling up the chairs, hitting the window, talking, etc. We also try request a window seat for each flight. More room to stash toys, blankets, and a good distraction. Once we taxi the runaway and begin take-off its bottle and hopefully nap time. Being this was a long flight we started our routine the same but I knew there was not going to be a nap.


For International flights they actually have a seatbelt adaptor. Instead of just holding her in your lap, she gets buckled in. Just like an adult flying, we had her buckled during take-off, landing, and during turbulence.


When Dinner came around, Bristol got her own applesauce, some extra water, and a few snacks. The flight crew was overly helpful, always checking to see if we needed anything. Bristol was pretty content standing between our seat and the front of the plane playing with her toys.

I would recommend packing lots of toys and snacks. The crew will give you as much water as you want so don’t worry about lugging those around. Bristol doesn’t watch TV, even when its on, she doesn’t seem drawn to it, so I knew that she would need something to entertain her. She did destroyed a few flight magazines after her normal toys became boring.

I was hoping for a few hours of hanging out before falling asleep but having the entire plane lighted up till 10:30pm did not work in her favor. She was fighting her normal 9pm bedtime and was very distracted by all the new faces. Finally around 11:00pm after the lights went out, she quickly fell asleep.

The crew had brought her a bassinet that assembled to the front of the plane. She was zipped in and comfortably sleeping for the next few hours.


I had called Delta prior to our trip and requested the bassinet, which is available to infants on longer flights. Bristol is 10 months old but is rather small. has all the information on weight and height restrictions for the bassinet, luckily our little peanut fit perfectly!

From day one, Bristol has been a great traveling partner. She typically sleeps during flights, doesn’t fuss during take-off and landings and enjoys the new faces. My cousins have been flying from Hawaii to North Dakota multiple times a year since they were born. My uncle had always told me exposing them to this so young helped them become acclimated to traveling.


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