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With all the recent media surrounding TJ Oshie and fiancé Lauren Cosgrove I figured I would post some images of our session.

Who would have thought a photographer from Bismarck, North Dakota would have the opportunity to photograph an Olympian? Not me! I first met Lauren and had the opportunity to photograph her individually. She is GORGEOUS! Lauren is one of the most genuine, down to earth girls I have ever met. Her personality is remarkable and one to be envied.

After meeting Lauren I had the opportunity to photograph her and TJ together. I was somewhat nervous, this was the first time I had photographed a professional athlete in a session rather than a sporting event. The session was great, their chemistry was impeccable and I managed to hold myself together and stay focused! The way they laughed with each other and smiled at one another was like watching a romantic movie, I fell in love with their love! I have never met a couple more attentive to each other and so in love then the two of them. Following our session we went out on the town, it was obvious TJ was a local celebrity as he was a stand out hockey player at UND and now known for his position with the NHL team the St. Louis Blues. Everywhere we went people wanted autographs and pictures, but as soon as he was done smiling for his fans it was right back to Lauren. No matter how many people were staring at him in shock of his presence, he made it very clear he only cared about one thing and that was Lauren.

When I first met Lauren and TJ I was very proud to say I photographed UND star and now NHL player TJ Oshie, but looking back at it, it was so much more! I photographed two people, at the beginning of their relationship, when love was all that mattered and I have had the opportunity to watch them grow together. With a baby girl due next month and a wedding in the works, this year will be nothing short of amazing for the two of them. Thank you again Lauren for giving me the chance to not only photograph you and TJ but also become a friend and supporter! I didn’t want to be that sell out posting pictures and joining in the media frenzy but after finding a number of my pictures being posted to random sports page without at least giving me some credit for my work, I thought it only fair to tell my side of the story and enlighten people on their amazing relationship. It is very awesome to say I photographed an Olympian, so let me say it one last time…..I PHOTOGRAPHED OLYMPIC SUPER STAR TJ OSHIE AND HIS HOT FIANCE LAUREN COSGROVE! There I’ve joined the bandwagon.

Congratulations Lauren & TJ I can’t think of any couple more deserving.

  • Jan Sell - I am a 54 year old happily married mother of three, but my family has always referred to T.J. Oshie as my boyfriend. Ha ha. He was my all time favorite Sioux player and I proudly wear a t shirt with his name on the back given to me as a gift from my oldest son. I am beyond excited that he is playing on the Olympic team, and the shoot out performance was amazing! So excited he has found a beautiful young lady, and a little girl hockey player is on her way. I love girls (womens) hockey too.ReplyCancel

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