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ABOUT melanie sioux

I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

Lover of dirt roads and long sunsets, airplanes and fine wine, the smell of the mountains and a good pair of cowboy boots.  

I love getting lost. Exploring new places with no destination in mind and looking at the stars in the darkest of night.

My family holds my heart, every single piece of it. My little girls keep me on my toes and my sweet baby boy steals all the snuggles.

Give me a good sunset with a dirt road, cowboy boots and slow jams by Chris Stapleton. A warm summer night in an open field surrounded by horses and hopefully no snakes!

You can find me with a camera in my hand, my good-looking husband by my side and a passport that is always ready for an adventure. 

I'm melanie

about me

My husband makes the best steak! I prefer wild game over beef. A table full of friends with lots of wine and unusual treats (bone marrow appetizers).


This guy. My husband, Tyson. A one of a kind husband and rockstar dad. He's a published wedding photographer, an avid hunter and Carson Wentz once told him "great catch!"



Spending time with my family. Boating with my parents. Attempting to garden. Skiing. Creating traditional Native American artwork. 



A morning coffee from BittyBean. Expensive handbags. Turquoise jewlery.

guilty pleasures


Nothing beats the beauty of Montana. I also enjoy kicking back at our ranch in western North Dakota. The beaches of Southern France. A good rainy day in Ireland. A large glass of wine and glowing sunset in Tuscany. 

places i love



Knowing that the moments I capture will out last my lifetime. Bringing so much happiness to so many people. That moment when clients email me after a session and are in complete awe with how great their photos are. 

part of my job


my favorite things:

about you

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My clients aren't afraid to get their shoes dirty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and are always down for a cocktail. 


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